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  1. The Levitus Family

    Thank you so much for a great stay. Your house is beautiful and so well equipped! Thank you!

    The Levitus Family
  2. Steve, Jules, Archie, Ruby and Issy - England

    We had a wonderful end to our California Trip here. We all loved the house and the area. You created a wonderful ambiance that we all enjoyed. Thanks very much indeed.

    Steve, Jules, Archie, Ruby and Issy - England
  3. The Garrett Family

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and serene home with us. My husband and I treated our two children and their spouses to a lovely fun filled vacation! Your home is very comfortable and we loved all the different areas. We loved just hanging out in the pool, hot tub and patio. The weather was perfect and a nice break from our hot and humid summer at home in New Orleans!
    Our Daughter lives in San Francisco with her husband, so it was a wonderful place for us to just be together! Thank you and God bless.

    The Garrett Family
  4. Elizabeth and Ethan

    We loved staying in your beautiful house. So many surprises and places to explore. Very relaxing!

    Elizabeth and Ethan
  5. The Kirch Family

    What an honor to be the first guest in your lovely home! Our vacation getaway was a surprise for my awesome mom – and after a 1900mi drive from St. Louis, MO, we could not have been more grateful! Swims, Hot tubs, a BBQ and picnic.. coffee on the patio, great chats at the kitchen table and sun tanning by the pool- we had a glorious time! Thank you for allowing us to share your tropical paradise!

    The Kirch Family

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